We Will Rise is a nonprofit organization founded in 2017 by two best friends, Mike Love and Gary Harris Jr. The two individuals grew up in the heart of South East San Diego, an area where many young African-American males are challenged by poverty, gangs and lack of educational resources. Growing up they both realized that there weren’t many positive Black male role models in their life and not having this not only puts them at risk, but also generations that follow. With the help and guidance of their former high school teacher, Michael Love, the two men decided to form We Will Rise. A place where African-American men can come together and have an open discussion about the obstacles they face day to day and find positive solutions as a whole.

Mission Statement 

The mission of We Will Rise is the empowerment of black men through inclusive dialogue and community involvement. We believe in the power and importance of communication, both personal and community based, as a means to educate, connect and empower black men and the black community.

Our Vision 

Our aim is to come together in a positive manner and collectively discuss and create solutions to issues that we encounter. By creating a space where we can come together and learn from, respect and value each other we can first change the way we see ourselves individually and collectively, which in turn will ultimately improve our families and relationships, our communities and our education and employment opportunities

Board Members

President and Co-founder Michael D. Love is a graduate of San Diego State University, receiving his Masters Degree in Education and his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. He is currently employed as an Associate Professor of Counseling at Riverside City College. As the current President and Co Founder of We Will Rise, his passion for community engagement and dialogue is showcased. As the self proclaimed “Tie-guy” Michael has created a Tie Donation Drive titled “Each 1, Teach 1” that has received over 2000 donated ties, teaching students the importance of professionalism and how to tie a necktie. His long term goals include completing a doctoral degree and continuing his interests in public speaking.

Vice President and Co-founder Gary Harris Jr. is a full time as a driver and is the owner of GW’S Footwear & More LLC. Gary was born in New Jersey but raised in San Diego where he has spent most of his life and currently resides. He is a former graduate of San Diego Job Corps (Carpentry, 2010), as well as a former facilitator for Real Life Skills, Inc. Gary has overcame intense battles with himself and has changed his life for the better and has become a strong advocate for drug treatment and mental health. He is dedicated to treating others with love and respect and has become a valuable asset to his community.

Advisor Michael Love was born in Brooklyn, New York. He has taught mathematics at Mount Miguel High School since 1993. In 2003 he was honored with a Golden Apple Award. The UCSD Teacher Recognition program, the National Society of High School Scholars, the National Honor Society and Who’s Who in America also have recognized him for teaching excellence. In 2008 the San Diego State University Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB) chapter presented him with its Distinguished Leader Award. In 2010, he was selected as Teacher of the Year for Mount Miguel High School and the Grossmont Union High School District. He was further recognized when chosen as a San Diego County Teacher of the Year. In 2017 he was a finalist for the 10 News Community Leadership award. Mr. Love holds a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science, a master’s degree in Education and a Certification in Diverse and Cross-Cultural Teaching.

Secretary Rashid Hill is a US Air Force veteran and graduate of Saint Leo University with a BA in Sociology was compelled to join We Will Rise. 

He is a Strategic Intervention and Relationship Coach certified by the Anthony Robbins Research Institute and a certified Master Project Manager by American Academy of Project Management.Rashid specializes in uncovering human potential and guiding individuals and teams to achieve high performance using his H.E.R.O. coaching methodology.  He’s an author, speaker, investor and personal development consultant with over 28 years as a Transportation Logistics professional. 

He is the founder of L3 Coaching Solutions and the Veteran Entrepreneur Startup Solutions Council.  

As an author and speaker, Rashid has published his message in the internationally known  Personal and Professional Development book titled “8 Ways to be 10x Better”. 


Treasurer Anthony Haile, Jr. was raised in Oakland, California and went on to graduate from Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA with a degree in Computer Science. In 2014 he completed his Master’s degree at the University of California, San Diego in Architecture-based Enterprise Systems Engineering. By day, he is a certified Engineering Project Manager at the Naval Information Warfare Center managing $20M projects. In 2014, he was recognized by BEYA as a Modern Day Technology Leader.  By night, he gives his time and talents to many non-profit, educational, church related, and entrepreneurial opportunities.  He has always enjoyed cars and currently rents out his cars regularly at www.GreatCaliCars.com.  As a speaker, he provides presentations for students (of all ages) on the Value of Education, the Historically Black College & University (HBCU) experience, Explorations of Engineering, Mathematics-based Finance, and topics related to both Project Management and Leadership.  His mission on this earth is “to help other people reach their potential” and he intends to build synergy amongst organizations to maximize the return on people’s time investment.  He is currently co-leading a Divorce Care program to support the needs and recovery of people who are going through, or have completed, the difficult divorce process.

Director of Technology D’Andre Morris is a San Diego State University graduate with a BS in Biology and certified in Biotechnology Instrumentation. He is a San Diego native, raised in a single parent low income household in  Southeast region. Tired of the negative stigmas and lack of male guidance within the black community, D’Andre decided to become the change he wanted to see by joining We Will Rise, where he currently serves as the Director of Technology.  He has a strong entrepreneurial spirit with many interests in investing, internet marketing, personal growth, and is the owner of Morr Is Better Co. D’Andre is also a fitness enthusiast and has competed two times in the Men’s Physique Muscle Contest where he has placed top 5 both times.

Current Members

Menuhati Kemma’atah was born and raised in Southeast, San Diego and one of the original members of WE WILL RISE. He’s a proud black father, mentor, community activist, herbalist and practitioner of Traditional West African culture. He takes pride in being a black business owner and is the founder of I STAY R.O.O.T.E.D., a culturally inspired business that offers a variety of services from alternative healing remedies, tours to Africa, trainings and an online store with products that come directly from the  motherland. Menuhati’s unique African centered perspective is a great contribution to the group. It is his vision to work with his fellow WWR brothers to build a bridge for black people to reacquaint themselves with Africa through traveling and learning more about our rich African Heritage. Like his brothers, he is passionate about creating safe spaces for black people to come together to rebuild community, leadership and confidence through self knowledge.